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28 Dec

Happy New (Real Estate) Year!

What the new year has in store for the Toronto real estate market By Jerry Podgorski | News | December 28, 2017 A real estate market such as Toronto has proven to be entirely unpredictable over the past few years. It makes the real estate profession a very challenging career...
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14 Dec

Hygge your Home

How to bring the Danish way to live well into your home By Jerry Podgorski | News | December 14, 2017 On a recent trip to Europe, I noticed a new trend inspired by the known-to-be one of the happiest nations: Denmark, whose people seem to possess the unique talent...
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28 Nov

Real Estate Seasonality

How the seasons of real estate impact the best time to conduct a property transaction By Jerry Podgorski | News | November 28, 2017 Lots of businesses are prone to a seasonal impact and plan for an increase or decline in sales according to the time of year. People do...
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7 Nov

Title Insurance

Explaining “Duty to defend” By Jerry Podgorski | News | November 7, 2017 Among the dozens of things a condo buyer has to think about when completing their transaction is buying insurance. You know you’ll need insurance to cover your losses in the case of fire, theft and other perils....
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31 Oct

Empty Nester in Denial

How do you know that you are an empty nester and what are the benefits of moving on? By Jerry Podgorski | News | 31 October 2017 While Toronto’s housing market underwent a never-before-seen period of hot and hotter real estate this past 18 months, it was first and foremost...
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24 Oct

Mortgage Stress-Testing

What you need to know about OSFI’s new mortgage rules By Jerry Podgorski | News | 24 October 2017 It seemed to me as if the OSFI, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and Canada’s banking regulator, timed its announcement to put new mortgage stress-testing rules in place...
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17 Oct

Real Estate Jitters

Have you been spooked by the home buying process? By Jerry Podgorski | News | 17 October 2017 Halloween is a time to enjoy being scared. But when it comes to buying a home, nobody enjoys real estate jitters. In honour of Halloween, I have listed the most common real...
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11 Oct

Ready. Set. Sale.

How to prepare for a successful home sale By Jerry Podgorski | News | October 11, 2017 A home sale is a big decision and means a significant change in your life. While people decide to sell for all kinds of reasons, the process of getting your home ready for...
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3 Oct

Case Study: Where the young couples go

How to achieve true home happiness with an open mind By Jerry Podgorski | News | 2 October 2017 I would like to introduce you to a new format for my blogs: They are case studies where I will tell you about a specific type of client from time to...
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